All Mythical Beings from the Mythical Universe have arrived on Gaia, Planet Earth.

Post Launch : 20% - Mythical DAO

The creation of the DAO will facilitate the ongoing sustainability of the Mythical Universe. The DAO treasury will facilitate future goals and projects decided together by the Mythical Beings community. Innovative methods and financial concepts based around crypto will be implemented by the community in order to shore up our Treasury.

50% - $KRIYA token & Future Utility

$KRIYA token launch

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$KRIYA will be used as a mode of transaction between the Mythical Beings community and beyond. We believe in facilitating an economy where creators and people in the community are rewarded fairly, allowing more creation and innovation to flourish in the world especially in these times where old solutions and old ways of being are no longer relevant in society.

The $KRIYA token facilitates new concepts of what we define as valuable, backed by the Mythical DAO Treasury. This works by implementing mechanisms that give value to the $KRIYA token within the community and beyond. It can be used in the community to transact with one another, to receive reward for creations of goods and services, and also as a token that can be used to 'pay it forward'.

If you receive $KRIYA, the practice is that whatever you accumulate in appreciation of value in the token, a portion of it (determined by individual choice) would also be used to pay it forward.

This philosophy that starts at the beginning of the token's creation, allows for the community and society at large to embody this, and over time be a part of how we exchange value and interact with one another. 
Kindness, love, giving & empowering one another within the community is what could be defined as valuable currency.

1 $KRIYA token = 1 $KRIYA token
(Not meant to be used for investment purposes. The Mythical Beings community and society at large determines the value of $KRIYA).

50% - 1st IRL Event

5 Mythical Beings will be brought to the Mythical Lands of Gaia where the 5 Elements of Nature will be passed down to them. These chosen 5 will be tasked with transferring the 5 Elemental knowledge for all to share and gain from. 

Location will be at the GaiaOne Restoration Project site (Tevana House Reef, Tanjung, Bira, South Sulawesi, Indonesia).

70% - 2nd IRL Event

Onboard the Mythical Ship
The journey of a lifetime together with all Mythical Beings.

Proceeds from our launches will go directly into funding the Mythical Boat - under the GaiaOne Project the Mythical Boat will be used to provide services to the public including snorkeling activity, scuba diving, sunset cruises and to carry out our restoration work. 

50% of the profits will return to the community DAO and will be staked against the Mythical Beings Token so it remains backed and grounded. Decisions on the details will be made through the community on further expansion of the Mythical Beings Tenets and the growth of the community as a whole.  

Beings and IRL Impact

Each Mythical Being NFT gets you one Adopted Coral which you will be directly contributing to the GaiaOne Restoration Project (images of the adopted coral will be airdropped to your wallets once they've been planted).

Earth Restoration

10% of the sales proceeds of Mythical Beings goes directly to GaiaOne Restoration Project where the team onboard will be busy ensuring that coral restoration and beach restoration work is carried out. We are so grateful for your support in being part of this community and for your care in our Planet.

Mindfulness In The Metaverse

The Metaverse buzzword. Future explorations in this area would be on how we can create experiences that are beneficial to humankind in the metaverse, where people can drop into the digital realm & absorb knowledge and inspiration and then drop out and carry it with them in real life. We are mindful of needing to create beautiful experiences & spaces that people would remember, that would enhance others along their journey in life as humanity learns to create a harmonious balance between the digital & physical realms.

100% - The Next Chapter

The journey continues for the Mythical Beings. Now we get to work.
The Mythical Beings have arrived on Gaia, Planet Earth, ready to restore Mother Earth, to bring balance to life in this universe.

The DAO will finance the creation of a 2nd NFT collection and also restore Mother Earth through its first act, the GaiaOne Ocean Restoration project.

All projects created within the Mythical Universe will be developed together as a community.

The Mythical Universe Is Within Us.


A collection of unique Beings that have traversed across space and time to usher in the Golden Age of Awakening that will bring hope, balance and new ways of living with the focus of restoring Gaia, our planet Earth. An art collection based on self-love & empowerment, healing & reconnecting back to one’s true nature. The $KRIYA token and our DAO facilitates the sustainability of the Mythical Universe.

We are proud to be the first NFT collection to launch on multiple blockchains. We believe in a diverse, multi, interoperable world where people from different communities, wherever they may be, can come into our Mythical Universe and share and interact with one another. This idea goes with our ethos of Mythical Beings having diversity and inclusiveness, that our NFTs are for everyone. 


Visit our Discord for details! (

An NFT [Non-Fungible Token] is a one-of-a-kind cryptographic token. This digital asset or “property” has an individual characteristic that sets it apart. NFTs are unique in both essence and value with individualised identification codes and metadata, and therefore cannot be replicated.

MetaMask is one of the most popular and well-established cryptocurrency wallets in the market. Users can purchase, store, swap and manage all their coins / NFTs on it. MetaMask is available as both a mobile application and web browser extension. Learn more about MetaMask and how easy it is to use: (

I. Get your MetaMask wallet ready
Make sure you have a MetaMask wallet to start with. Do not use any other non-custodial wallets. If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, please proceed to our discord channel: ‘How to mint’ for more information.
II. Have crypto ready in your MetaMask wallet 
You will need to prepare enough crypto in your MetaMask wallet to pay for the mint cost and gas fees (gas fees are transaction fees, make sure there’s enough in your wallet for the transaction fees)! You can transfer crypto from your crypto exchange account to your MetaMask wallet.
III. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Mythical Beings website and start minting 
Connect your MetaMask to our website (make sure you are on the site with the MetaMask chrome extension). You can start minting by clicking on the ‘MINT NOW’ button.
IV. If all else fails, please proceed to our discord ( and our team will be able to guide you. You may also head to the ‘How to Mint’ channel for more information!



 Crypto & NFTs. 
Maker of music. Spiritual seeker. 


A digital marketeer by day, a Mythical Giraffe by night. She lives and breathes within the digital realm and has a passion for travelling. Her true Sagittarian spirit came knocking and born was the adventure to journey into the Mythical Universe.


Devi is a Mythical Goddess in charge of restoring Gaia. Her expertise lies in learning about Planet Earth, plotting the course of where the restoration work should begin. She’s passionate in all things relating to the environment and loves to encourage the Mythical Beings to share their knowledge to all.


Valeriya grew up in Russia and sees herself as an artist, a digital nomad, and a citizen of the world. Since little, she has been inspired by ancient myths and legends, old fantasy and sci-fi books, and video games and cyberpunk themes.

She is a passionate D&D and TTRPG player, photographer and LARPer and feels pretty much at home in a fantastical world of human imagination.


Broke free of the Maya after years in private healthcare consulting. He is now driven to concentrate on social welfare and Gaia Preservation.

Favourite quote:


A web developer who also trades crypto and loves to collect cool and unique NFTs.  He is a Discord administrator and community manager for outstanding NFT projects.


Lady that loves crypto and NFTs. If you don’t find her on Twitter catching up and learning just know she’s got her nose deep in a thriller novel. Smile coz WAGMI.


Professionally, he has 5 years of experience as an analyst at an investment firm. His personal interests include both European and American football, competing in spartan races, gaming, watching tv shows / movies / anime, and listening to audiobooks. He is very passionate about the NFT space and has been an active participant since January of 2021.


Mythical Lightworker


It is early in the age of Kali (the age of destruction), the 4th and final cycle of the 4 ages that make up an epoch before the beginning of the new age of Satya (truthfulness), the age of truth and perfection.

The Mythical Beings had always been vibing with the Source. They have lived a life of peace and tranquillity, playing the part as observers and creators through many eons and lifetimes. Through their observations they had accumulated an abundance of knowledge from a vast array of civilizations that have spanned throughout time.

But as time passed on it had come to their attention that other planets and stars were in dire need of help in rebalancing its energies. It was inherent to the Mythical Beings that they needed to infuse new energy and create new ways of living with other beings across the cosmos, to fulfill their role as creators and caretakers of the Mythical Universe. They had heard the calls of Gaia, Mother Earth, and have chosen to descend and bring back balance onto Earth once more. Choosing different timelines and civilisations throughout the Universe, the Mythical Beings aspire to create a Golden Age of Awakening, and through this action they will bring hope, balance and many new ways of living.

At many points in time these Mythical Beings have chosen to incarnate onto Earth to share light, knowledge and participate in Earth’s evolution to fulfil a divine mission and bring change to the inner and outer world.

Our Mythical Journey starts with the unknown but ends with Love and Light. And this is a journey that the Mythical Beings wish to share with everyone, our final message is for us to remember that we are ALL Mythical Beings.
That the Mythical Universe is within us.


The Mythical Universe
Is Within Us